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Whirled of Nature





So Whirled of Nature is destined to be the grandest scale piece I've built to date. As with any

sculpture, however, it happens one step at a time. Break it down in your mind to its components,

and then start to assemble the puzzle.



In this case starting means cutting the various component shapes for the base from

cardboard. This helps me to plot the most efficient use of of the sheet steel I'll be sectioning.

After many months of thought and planning while clearing the deck of other projects,

finally the first sparks fly.



Holes get drilled.





The plates around the fifteen anchor bolt holes will allow ground clearance for dispersal of

any condensed moisture that might accumulate in the body of the sculpture. That moisture is given egress through

the three weep holes in this base plate.



As things take shape, I will add updates. I write these fabrication diaries for a number of

audiences: my client, who I want to keep apprised of the progress being made, and for

sculpture enthusiasts. I also keep a record of them for construction and assembly

strategies employed in this specific sculpture.


For the people who have expressed interest in my working methods, and others

who would like insight into how this one artist approaches the making of sculpture

 - this is for you as well.



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