Making Sculpture

by Mike Roig

Whirled of Nature




Whirled of Imagination

I have been commissioned to create three large sculptures for a local development in Chapel Hill, NC.

The first of these, Breathe, is completed and pictured above. The building project is just getting started

so the actual installation date is still a good ways in the future - likely sometime in 2024. Which is a good thing,

because I still have two more to fabricate.


The making of Whirled of Nature (pictured left and up first in the production schedule), and Whirled of Imagination

will consume much of the coming year. Follow along and see how these pieces come together as 2023 unfolds.





On the Wing


A commissioned sculpture for

Automation Direct in Cumming, Georgia, installed in January, 2019.




Spreading Her Wings


A commissioned sculpture for

Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia

now gets the web story treatment.

2018 finishes out here with installation in February 2019.




The Texas Two Step:

Avian Edition


Winter 2019-2020's big project was a

commission destined for community just

north of Houston Texas, now completed and



Otters in the Mist

The next piece the NC Zoo has asked me to make for them will be a challenge of a different sort. We'll be needing to build in some misting elements to cool the hot summer day visitors.



Now completed and installed, this sculpture was my major focus for Winter 2012-2013. Pictured above is the maquette, and you can see some of the steps involved in going from there to macro scale by following the links.



Follow the progress of this commission for Kansas University's new hospital building in Kansas City, Kansas. The theme for my summer of 2011, it was installed in August of that year.


Glimpses of the Promised Land

A history of this sculpture's transit from proposal to installation. This occasional record was made in 2005-2006 for interested parties to track the progress of the Chavis Park Commission in Raleigh, NC.





Kay Kyser Awards

For many years I made the awards for the Carrboro Film

Festival. Nic Beery

stopped by the studio

to make this video of the creation of

the first of  those awards.



Follow the process of creating and installing this 16' tall sculpture for

Rex Hospital in Raleigh,

NC, during the winter of 2016-early 2017.


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