Mike Roig, Sculpture

Whirled of Imagination

1/5/24 - 1/15


I'm going to approach this a little differently this time. I have in the past

tried to convey a step by step record of fabrication. Having done that

with the previous sculpture in this series of commissions, and since many of the processes

involved will be familiar if you followed Whirled of Nature's creation, that won't  be my goal here.

 I will instead document this sculpture's progress in pictures, and if I have commentary to add it will

be more a record of thoughts and observations that occur along the way.






1/15 - 1/29





I really like being able to machine my components, but it's a long, detail oriented process

where distraction can lead to stupid errors. So I guess I didn't spend much energy on documenting the

process. I'll let that 55 gallon barrel of shavings speak for that week's worth of effort.


And then back to that base, shoring it up, and preparing to close it up.





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