Mike Roig, Sculpture


Triune Progress - Week Two


The three main uprights are ready for their initial positioning. This presented a challenge to

simply keep each leg upright as I went to grab the next with the hoist. Some creative use of scrap wood and

the serendipitous use of available heavy objects solve the problem and allowed me to get all three into place.

Meanwhile Ed Tranin supplied me with some photo updates to the Hospital site this week. It appears

to be coming together nicely, although still far enough from pristine to maintain some suspense. Of course this was

the week when the news of Hospitals in that area of the country was dominated by the Joplin, Mo. tornado. Let's hope

this site experiences no such fate, but it will certainly inspire a heightened level of attention to the details of structural integrity

as I proceed.

Okay, all three legs in rough position and I start to finesse that relationship and sort out how they will connect. As in the maquette,

there is further structure that will bind and raise the legs, but for now it is enough to get them joined to each other.

Some piecing and filling to do there, and eventually I'll be needing to devise connections that will allow for each

upright to be removed from the base element that will occupy this coming week's energy.

Nevertheless, it's good to see these elements actually standing and lending solid presence

to what I have been holding in my imagination all Spring.


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