Mike Roig, Sculpture


Triune Progress Week Three

My buddy CJ stops by and provides a little background music as I work.

This week's task was to get the base fashioned that would tie the three upright arms together.

On the pavers you will see the soapstone lines where I sketched the outline of the base, then used those

lines to help determine angles for cutting the components. Then it's simply a matter of methodically putting them together,

and moulding one into the next.

Nothing to it, eh?

Then it was time to lift three uprights as a unit, position the base underneath, and scribe, and cut, and ease

the whole structure down until there was a nice fit....


and then weld them together.

Another week in the exotic life of the artist. After filling the remaining holes my next task

will be to figure out a system for disassembling the whole into components for travel.

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