Mike Roig, Sculpture


A Commissioned Sculpture for the North Carolina Zoo

This winter I will be building the 18 foot tall version of the maquette you see here. Destined for the Asheboro

zoo, you can follow the progress of building this sculpture beginning here, and by following the links I'll be adding as the

work progresses.

On this page you are seeing the 3D sketch I developed in response to the invitation made by the Zoo's curator of

design, Ellen Greer, to conceive of a sculpture to sit at the edge of the Marsh area of the North American Continent

portion of the zoo. She and her team responded positively, and so we're on to the fabrication process.


Chapter 1, early December 2012

Chapter 2, coming on mid January

Chapter 3, early to mid February

Chapter 4, Late February

Chapter 5, Mid-April and Done