Mike Roig, Sculpture


Spreading Her Wings


Early January, Fabrication Complete


Finally on a gray, rainy day at the end of December, with the initial polishing

done, it was time for first assembly. With all the studio plants out for watering

adding some color to the drab day Clay set aside her writing long enough to snap a pic

as I lowered top to base.



That was a quick trip out and back into the studio. But the day was breezy and rightaway

I got confirmation that the sculpture was going to respond to the air just fine. Then it was back

apart and into the studio for several days of finishing work: final refinement to the surface

treatment, a sealing clear coat, and a signature - the first of 2019.




After several days of curing I got her back out and reassembled, looking rather grand and

refined in her work-a-day environs.




So the shakedown cruise is underway and I await word on the preparation

of the foundation so I can schedule installation.




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