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Thanks to everyone who visited us for the 2023 Open Studio Tour.This past year has been a surprisingly busy and productive time.

I have much work to do to catch up this web site with the many pieces that have found life in the studio during this time,

many of which flew out of here without ever having been recorded. I often find it easy to procrastinate computer work -

studio time is precious. But I will endeavor to do better. Happy New Year -


I have been commissioned to create three large sculptures for a local development in Chapel Hill, NC.

The first of these, Breathe, is completed and pictured above, as is the second, Whirled of Nature, model below left. The building project is still underway

so the actual installation date is still in the future, but likely sometime in 2024. Which is a good thing,

because I still have one more to fabricate -- model below, right.


The making of this third piece, Whirled of Imagination, will consume much of the coming year.

As with the first two pieces, progress posts will be periodically published on the Making Sculpture page

of this web site. Follow along and see how these pieces come together as 2024 unfolds.


(photo by David Poulos)

Share This Whirled was installed for the North Carolina Botanical Garden's 2022 Sculpture in the Garden Show, and

while that show is now over, this sculpture will continue to grace the entry for the garden until sometime in 2024.



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