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Sculpture Proposals for Mebane's Community Park


I’m going to show you two very different concept mock-ups.



The first concept expands on a commission I completed earlier this spring for a roof top patio setting in

Raleigh. It was the first time I created a cluster of sculptures designed to read as one installation, and I was

really pleased with the outcome.



Below is a short video of The Three Graces.



In applying the idea to your setting I started to see them as a “family" of sculptures

that I thought resonated nicely with the idea of this park as a place where families would

congregate for recreation. It accomplishes the complexity of having multiple focuses of motion and an

interlocking visual to the spinning components that I see as being very dynamic.



The second is a pretty straight forward sketch of a bird themed sculpture like the one you admired from the zoo.

The base I think of as a stylized M with the flock cycling over head around a more solidly represented bird nestled in the center

of the motion. I’ve taken the top part of the representation from a small piece made several years ago, and while it does

a good job representing the concept, in the actual sculpture the scale and number of birds in the armature would

change - more in quantity and proportionally smaller in scale. Exactly how different would be determined

by the scale and budget we decide to put around the sculpture.



I also had a second base configuration that I like just for the elegance and symmetry of it.



Let's use these as a place to move into conversing about something specific, taking the conversation from the

nebulous into something concrete.


- Mike


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